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Why Is Ear Candling Dangerous?

Learn why ear candling is dangerous from Ronald A. Hoffman, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Candling is a therapy that is offered in many holistic centers and is said to remove earwax and evil venoms from the ear. A candle is placed, it is lit, it burns down, and that I think is basically how the treatment is done. Let me be perfectly clear, candling is dangerous and you should never, ever do it.

I would say that once a year, I see a patient in my office in whom the hot wax has dripped into the ear and burned through the eardrum. Those holes never heal, because in effect, they have been cauterized by the hot wax, and surgery is necessary to repair them.

Scientific research has been done and demonstrates that candling does nothing. It doesn't change the pressure in your ear, it doesn't melt wax in your ear, it doesn't remove anything from your ear.
Please, don't candle. It can injure your ear.

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