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How to Do the Ginga in Capoeira

Learn how to do the ginga from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


The Ginga is the basic movement in Capoeira. In a way, its the movement that set game of Capoeira, and usually, doing the ginga is like if you were walking down the hall or walking down the street. The movement starts like this. You can always start from a standing position. Step back with your right foot, making sure you have your front leg bent. Always being very careful about your hips and turning, because you're going to start turning with your back foot. From there, you curve your face with your right arm and one foot in front of you, the other one behind. You're going to step parallel and always make sure you have a good [inaudible 00:46] of your face.

Step back, making sure you're not crossing your legs, and then you go back and step parallel. From here, you can one ... two... three... and always switching your arms because you're about to step back. Of course, as you get comfortable with your Ginga, you develop your own expressions into it, and that becomes your signature. Usually, the Ginga, besides being practiced, you know like by yourself, it's always practicing partners.

What I'm going to do now is I'm calling, and he's going to demonstrate the Ginga with me. So, as I said earlier, always, you do the Ginga facing your partner. Get into the Ginga position. Just back and forth. Sit here and swing back and forth. As you go, you can put your own expressions into it. [Inaudible 01:45]. You can move around as well. From here, you can shift. Up there. Then go around. Up and shift again. Use your arms. One, two, three... Up and that's it. Thank you. That's the Ginga.

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