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How to Do the Meia-lua de Frente in Capoeira

Learn how to do the meia-lua de frente from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


In Capoeira we have a few different kicks like straight kicks. We have round kicks. We have a kick which is the Meia-lua de Frente which is a setup kick. Usually it's a kick that travels across in a certain position so you can apply a different kick or a take down. And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to demonstrate how to do a Meia-lua de Frente.

As I said earlier, you always start with a ginga. Pretty much every kick starts from a ginga and goes back to the ginga. So I have Professor (?) and Professor (?) working with me. We're going to get into a ginga position please. Right foot back, always with a good ginga. We're going to ginga a couple of times we're going to ginga um, dois, and três (?). And from there we always step in. Okay with good form. You're going to be kicking with your right leg across and finish back. And you kick and finish back.

Okay and from there we can ginga again. Um, dois, and we stop there. We step in and then we kick. And then from there we finish back. And then we ginga. One, two, (?). So the goal is that when you step in you've got to engage your hips into it. Switch your arms and bring it back. You can also finish (?).

So from there you go kick, finish back, ginga, same thing. You step, you step, kick, finish back and that was the Meia-lua de Frente. And it's always good to maintain a good balance and from there Meia-lua de Frente also can expand into a different kick. You always can have a combination Meia-lua de Frente and some other kick. So you don't have to always bring it back to the ginga.

Now that we have shown to you the Meia-lua de Frente I'm going to have both profesores demonstrating how to use the esquivas with an attack of Meia-lua de Frente. So I'm going to step back. I'm going to have the two of them playing with each other and basically they're going to be free to use all the esquivas and there's going to be an attack with Meia-lua de Frente. So they're going to go um.

As you see they start with the ginga going back and forth looking at each other. And then they can kick whenever. See, there's the Meia-lua de Frente. Back and forth. Um, dois. And back. And they can do one more. See. And go all the way down. And notice as they go down they always look straight at their partners, always maintaining eye contact. It's very important. And that's it. Thank you, you guys.

Yeah. So as you notice here both of them did Meia-lua de Frente using two esquivas and whenever they applied esquiva they always maintained eye contact with their partner and always covered themselves and recovered straight into the ginga.

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