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How to Do the Cocorinha in Capoeira

Learn how to do the cocorinha from from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


Besides there being 3 esquivas which can be, you know, used to get away from kicks or, you know, docking away from the kicks, we can use the Cocorinha sometimes, you know, to cool your kick which are really like, you know, you're not supposed to block but you're supposed to, you know, kind of clear the kick, get away from the kick.

So we're going to demonstrate a Cocorinha. We're going to start with the Ginga positions, step all the way back. OK, first Ginga, we can go straight into it. You know, it's just like, it's squatting all the way down as low as you can. You step in there, you come all the way down and looking straight at your partner. Now from here you can recover straight back into Ginga. Step and Ginga and Ginga once, and then you can stop right there. Same thing, OK, we step parallel and then we go straight into a squat position. OK, cover your face, hand on the floor. OK, stand on both your feet, we come up and then you open. Now we just Ginga, and we Cocorinha, and Ginga, again, and forward, up, Ginga. That's it. So we go back and forth, OK, always maintaining a good form for your Ginga. Now from here we can go straight in to Cocorinha, back to Ginga, one more time. Uno, dos, and that's the Cocorinha.

Now, I'm gonna have the two profesores here demonstrating how you can use a Cocorinha, you know, once you have the kick, such as Meia-lua de Frente coming your way, you know how to clear, and also keeping in mind that from Cocorinha you don't always have to go straight into Ginga, it can be a little more creative. From there jump into, you know, maybe into a flip, or even to another attack, so I'm going to have the profesores demonstrating and I'm going to take a step back, they come forward, and basically, now they have, you know, they're free to pretty much play around with the, with the Cocorinha, Meia-lua de Frente and, of course, the Ginga, the most important in the game.

So as they go there, you can see they're going free style, let's say. Right there Cocorinha, now always going back and forth, up, down, and pretty much, you know, they're going just straight Ginga, Meia-lua de Frente, Cocorinha, push back and the eye contact is very important. Never look away, OK, always looking at your partner, straight, push back. That's a good demonstration there. And keeping good balance. That's it, all right, great. Thank you. And that was the Cocorinha, and always keep moving.

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