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How to Do the Role in Capoeira

Learn how to do the role from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


We're going to demonstrate how the Role's done Capoeira. Usually the Role, we can get into the Role from Ginga or can get into the Role by doing some small movements like Troca, Negativa, Role. We always start with the right foot back, getting that arm up there. Okay, now you can start with the Ginga, one Ginga first.

Now from here you can start straight from Ginga you can go into Role. One, two, three all the way back making Ginga again. One, two, Ginga and from there you can go into Role one more time of one, two, three all the way back making Ginga, Ginga and Role. Dos, tres, Ginga again, dos and fully role. One, two, three all the way back.

And from here we're going to demonstrate now how the Role can be done in partners. Take a step back. You guys come forward facing each other. And now you might see them doing a combination maybe of Negativa, Role, okay, or just Role by itself. They start always with the Ginga back and forth, so they're all the ways around.

The Role gets you moving so you're not staying on the same place. And again, always use to trick your partner. In a ways like It's a movement that gets you traveling low to the ground. As you notice most of the time they have both hands on the floor, keeping those arms up, switching back and forth. That's a good demonstration. All right, great, thank you. That's the Role.

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