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How to Do the Armada in Capoeira

Learn how to do the armada from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


I'm going to demonstrate how to do The Armada, which is a round kick. So usually, you can start with Armada, and always start with the ginga. Keeping a good form, move across right there, back and forth. And if you can stay parallel, OK, to go into the kick,and then you step in.

Okay. So for here, before you turn, make sure you're always looking at your partner, and then you can turn. Cover your face, and also use your arms for the momentum, rotating with your hips and turn with your feet. From there, you're going to kick with your left leg all the way back, OK, and you can Ginga, again back and forth. One, two and turn, before you take that kick make, okay, sure you look.

So, from here, you can kick and finish back. Now if I go a little bit faster it would be something like this. It would go one two three and finish back. One two three and you can finish all the way back. That's The Armada. When you do an Armada, make sure that you're not focusing so much on kicking the ceiling. You're trying to get that nice, round kick where your leg's traveling across and they each finish back.

As you become more experienced with the game, you know, you're able to pull different kicks. With The Armada, it's a goal to make sure as you do it that your kick flies, you know, moves straight across.

Okay. As I said, you get comfortable, from there, you can always pull a different kick such as, like, queixada or other kicks, like Meia Lua de Compasso. For new students, I recommend he or she to always try to finish back, to connect the dots in way that usually sometimes it's slowly. Don't go too fast or you'll lose your form. Sometimes people tend to go really fast and they end up losing their form, losing their Ginga.

As you know, The Ginga is what makes Capoeira so different from any other martial art, you have that swing back and forth. You have the balance. You're tricking, looking for that gap to go in to come out. Now we're going to demonstrate how to do The Armada with a Partner.

Of course, for every kick we always use Esquiva to clear the kick, keeping in mind that we don't block the kicks, and always start with the ginga position. You know, keep eye contact, so we go back here facing each other. Step there. Okay. Good form. Then you can start Ginga, as you see, so basically, he will be doing a kick, whenever he's ready. I can go there, back, and forth. You can do both sides, one, down, and up there.

Then we do the other side again. One, two, and once again, he will kick up there, okay, and you come up. Now, always make sure as you go down, you keep good balance and be careful when you do the Armada, so you're not rotating so much, you're losing your balance because you put so much power into it and it's very easy for you body to want to spin around. Make sure as you kick high, you always cut the kick short so you're not spinning all the way around.

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