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How to Do the Bancao in Capoeira

Learn how to do the bancao from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


We are going to demonstrate how to do the bancao. Which is a straight kick. You know you can always start straight from the ginga position or you can always take a extra step forward and apply the bancao. You know it's a straight kick, so it can be used in a way to really push your partner away a little bit. To apply different kick or it can just be use as straight as a single kick. Okay?

So from here we're starting right to back. We're going to do the bancao from the back. Keeping that arm up here. And basically you're going to kick with your back leg. You bancao one, and finish back. And then we ginga, and then from here, again, we're going to from the back do a bancao. Bring it back. Now we're going to ginga a little bit. Ginga back and for all right. And from here we're going to take the extra step and from there apply the bancao, finish back, ginga, and same thing over here. We're going to stop and kick. Finish back, now we can ginga back and forth, we're going to stop and kick. Finish back, ginga. We're going to stop and kick. And bring it back. Okay?

You always aim the bancao at your partner. You know. I would say most of the time not lower than your waist. Kind of right on the stomach and bring it back. And it's a great way if you feel like your partner is getting very close. To really apply this. You have to be very careful because they can grab your partner if it's too close in place on the ground.

Okay so if we do the dance with a partner, we're now going to demonstrate how to hold, but we're going to demonstrate how we can clear. How you can use a esquiva to get a way from the bancao. Okay we go here ginga, or you're going to apply the bancao. Oh, he's going to answer or you can clear and then you bring it back again. One, okay. Now you can apply again. One, bring it back right there. One and two and three, Okay. So that's the bancao.

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