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How to Do the Martelo in Capoeira

Learn how to do the martelo from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


How to do the martelo, which is another kick in capoeira that usually, you know, is a little bit more like direct in terms of like attacking your partner, a ways. So with the ginga, we step back, with your left foot this time, okay, good ginga. Let's do a ginga a little bit to loosen up. Now from here we can stop, okay, we're going to step in, okay, always make sure you apply your hips into the kick so from there you step, you kick, bring it back.

Okay, and now from here same thing on the other side, we step there, kicking with your left, kick, bring it back, and we're going to ginga now, and we're just going to step and kick, let's ginga a little bit, always loosen up a little bit, and step and kick. Finish back, ginga, and go, step, kick. Finish back, ginga, and form martelo. And finish back, that was good. Also keep it in mind, just like many of the other kicks, you know, you can always kick from the back, where you can always step in and kick.

Also, you know, you can always play around a little bit more, how you go into it and apply it, so, you know, you can be very creative with the martelo. So, you can surprise your partner with a kick, so your partner is not always expecting you to kick from the back.

Now, we're going to demonstrate how to do the martelo in partners. So, they're going to ginga, and this time, you know, they're going through this a little bit freestyle, they're playing right there, so they don't know exactly what to expect. The martelo can come from the back, it can come from the front, but always looking at your partner, okay. They can also trade, they're going to kick with right, kick with left, okay. The calf coming up is the cue for the martelo. They can always be a second martelo coming over right away, or right there. Keep good form, as you see the esquivas are there, back and forth, and, that's a great demonstrate, you see there.

The martelo, as you saw the two of them demonstrating. The martelo, you know, can be done from the back, you know, by taking a step forward. And also, the martelo can be done by switching your legs from the ginga position, and that's the martelo.

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