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How to Do the Meia Lua de Compasso in Capoeira

Learn how to do the meia lua de compasso from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to demonstrate how to do Meia Lua de Compasso, which is one of the most complex kicks in Capoeira, and, usually, it's very tricky to do a do Meia Lua de Compasso, because it requires you to really work properly with your upper body. And, you know ,even though you're kicking, of course you're using your legs, it requires good placement for your upper body so you can do it. And a Meia Lua de Compasso is a kick that's very unique to Capoeira. You really don't see it in any other marital art. You always start with the Ginga, a good Ginga, make sure you're stepping firm. And then from there, usually from Ginga, Meia Lua de Compasso can be done from the back as well, from the Ginga position. The way we're going to do it here, we're going to take a step forward Meia Lua de Compasso or we're going to step in and we're going to step parallel and then you're going to step over creating the rotation with your hips, also place your hands on the floor as much as you can. And avoid walking too much with your hands and always maintain eye contact with your partner. Now we're going to try a Meia Lua de Compasso with a partner. Always keep in mind to Esquiva, stay low, keeps those arms up in the Ginga curl, and be careful dropping your arms, both arms at the same time. Keep them in good form. Meia Lua de Compasso is a very powerful kick in Capoeira and getting hit by one, you know, it's very dangerous. So we go back into Ginga and with Ginga. Okay, so here we go. Right there. And that was Meia Lua de Compasso.

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