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How to Do the Gancho in Capoeira

Learn how to do the gancho from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to do the gancho, which is a hook in Capoeira. So, usually, you know, when you apply a gancho, you kick out the elbow, then you hook in your partner through the back, so I will have Professor Galfuino (sp) to demonstrate it.

It takes a lot of practice for you to really get the gancho. It's very different from any other kicks, like the Meia Lua de Frente or the queixada. It requires a lot of control, you know, going out and lots of control coming back.

So, usually when new students start doing the gancho, most of the time they lose their balance, especially when they need to work on their flexibility and balance. So, I will have Professor Galfuino demonstrate the movement and it goes like that.

The gancho is just like any other kick. It can always be from the back. Okay. Always with the strong ginga, you know, the arms up there. It can be done from the back or with a step, step and parallel, so he's going to go ahead and do a gancho. And you move back.

Now, from there, he will do it again. Gancho. And always work to maintain your balance. Be careful, usually with the gancho, you have the tendons dropping back, so stabilize by using your core and switching your arms. Once again, he does gancho. Right there.

Now, from there, you will ginga a little bit. And you will be free to do the gancho with a step or just from the back. Okay. In a way, doing gancho is like almost going in for one kick, but then you're hooking them back with the gancho. And bring it back. And that's the gancho.

Now, if we demonstrate the gancho in partners, we come here, you know, facing each other. Good ginga. Okay. Relax into the gancho positions, so that's, we go there. We ginga. Okay.He's going to do it from the back. Right there. Ginga, and just [rattle] off.

And stop right here. Okay. Always maintain a good distance. You will apply the gancho from the back and you can just keep it here and bring it back. Now, we gancho to the other side, now from there, gancho, bring it back, and I'm going to do the gancho, step in, so we ginga. I'm going to step. I'm going to kick with my right. Gancho all the way back. I ginga. So, right here, I step, and then from here, I hook it back, and finish it all the way back.

That was the gancho. Make sure that you develop and work on your flexibility, especially in your hips. That requires a lot of hip movement into it.

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