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How to Do the Queda de Rins in Capoeira

Learn how to do the queda de rins from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


Now Professor (?) we'll demonstrate how to do a queda de rins. There are many different ways to get into queda de rins. Here we'll start with the very basic way, form of getting to queda de rins. Afterwards he's going to go a little bit free style and then you'll see the possibilities of working with the queda de rins.

So he's going to squat right there. Now, this is mostly for a beginner, especially for those of you still trying to strengthen your upper body. If you can go straight down, hands on the floor, bring your hip to your elbow, and if you can try to keep your feet on the floor. But also for those of you a little bit more advanced, you can bring your feet up. You can come out of it the same way you went into it. And then you get down. Okay.

Now you go to the right. Hands on the floor. Always looking at your point, feet in, and as I said, for those of you a little bit more advanced, you can try to trick your partner or even open your feet apart. Okay. Back there. So now he does once again to the left, queda de rins to the left. Right there. Up. And out. Now to the right. He goes up. That will require a lot of upper body strength.

Now from there he's going to go free style and he's doing the queda de rins just from ginga or just like from a standing position. And now you will see that he's going to be using some other movements like au or anything else. Okay. Through out an esquiva, S-dobrado, queda de rins. You can always go over. Control. Come back. Also keep it in mind for every capoeira game, you have to point a little bit different so... Right there. Queda de rins falling to the right. Now he's going to throw in esquiva, pisao, queda de rins. Now from there he can come out, and he goes back into ginga. And that was a great demonstration. Right there. All right. Switch. Troca, S-dobrado, queda de rins. You can come out of it. Back into queda de rins. Esquiva. Okay.

For those of you trying the queda de rins for the first time, don't try to do everything. Try parts of it and eventually try to blend it all together. Queda de rins means in English 'falling on your kidney.' Usually you place your elbow pretty much like on your hip or pretty much on your kidney. Right there. Falling to a side. And you control using a shoulder, your arms, your forearm there, come small and then from there you push out of it. That's queda de rins.

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