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How to Do the Vingativa in Capoeira

Learn how to do the vingativa from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to demonstrate how to do a vingativa. A vingativa is a takedown. Usually a vingativa can be applied when you work on your ginga, or even when your partner is doing a kick, you go in for a vingativa and you take the person down. We are going to demonstrate the vingativa just doing the ginga, so we're going to start like this.

We're going to start with the ginga position. Always, vingativa requires a good timing, so from there we ginga back and forth. From here, okay, he's going to take a step in and come right there, and do a vingativa. Usually, he's going to use his hip to push me and his upper body to take my balance off, and you come down. Once again, with ginga, back and forth. If we stop here, he steps in, one, two, three, use the hips, and push off right there, and take the balance off.

Now, we go back and also vingativa without stopping so much. There. Take the balance off, out there, and again, for your vingativa off one, two, and push off, and come back. Now, when you're coming to a vingativa, make sure that you don't want to expose your head much so you don't go for a choke. Also, make sure that you protect your face as you come in. He comes into a vingativa, make sure, because those knees could come up. Good (?) with your ginga, push with your hips and your shoulders, you take the balance out. That's a vingativa.

Now, we're going to demonstrate how to use a vingativa as an advanced movement. Whenever there's a kick coming your way, you can use the vingativa going in and then you can plane and can take the person down. We're going to be facing each other, and from here, we place ourselves into a ginga position. We're going to ginga a little bit, up, right there, and from there, he's going to turn folha seca and with your back leg, you're going to step in, stay low, and you apply a vingativa in there.

And then from there, you can always push, but I'm going to come out to a ginga, and then we ginga again right there, and stop right there. He's going to turn, and as you see, I go even lower. A good (?) will need your hips. Cover your face to push, take the balance out, you come back. Again, arms up there. This time, we're not going to stop. Ginga, he's going to do a queixada from there, off, and you can go in. Come out of it, and you ginga again. He's going into a queixada, go up, the momentum, and if you can, when you go in for a vingativa, try to have both of his legs within your feet. Usually, when you leave one foot out, he still has a way to come out, so if you can grab both, grab both there, cover your face and push, that would be nice. And then, come out. That was a vingativa done with a queixada in response to a queixada. It's a defense movement.

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