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How to Practice Capoeira Safety

Learn how to practice Capoeira safety from Capoeira experts Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in this Howcast video.


I recommend that anyone before they start trying all of the kicks, all the flips, and even the ginga, to always make sure that you warm up before you start moving around so much. Once you have some experience in Capoeira, you can even use the ginga as a warm up. It's a perfect movement to get your heart rate going. Make sure you always warm up and always stretch properly. (?) stretching. There's really no way you can really play Capoeira without working on your flexibility. Not only that, but also by improving your flexibility, it will allow you live a healthy life for the rest of your lifetime. But it is very, very important to warm up and stretch.

Now, for those you trying to get started with all the kicks and all the flips, I recommend not to get so excited about doing all the kicks. I see Capoeira as a new-born child. You have to take your time. Only time and practice will make you into an efficient Capoeirista. It will make you into a powerful Capoeirista. Sometimes taking that extra step is not always a good thing. Go step by step. Take your time. Enjoy what you're doing, and always, besides being able to do something, try to understand what you're doing, because when you understand, you have a better knowledge of the movements.

Remember, it's just like building a house from the bottom up. So you have to have a strong foundation and develop from there. So don't rush. Take your time and feel the movements. Like I said, besides being able to do the movements, Capoeira is something that you have to live and Capoeira is something that you have to feel. Capoeira is something that you have to use as a form of expression. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always have fun and look out for your safety. That's comes first. When I teach and when I share Capoeira with others, safety is very important.

Now, when playing with a partner in a joda you want to be very careful. Don't rush, especially when you're not comfortable going as fast as someone who has been training for a few years more than you. Go step by step. As you start feeling the ginga, as you start to feel comfortable, you can always progress slowly. Never rush, because it is not only ability. You need more than ability of being able to move. You need to have the sense of (?), the sense of distance. There's so much that goes into playing the game that if you're not careful, you can hurt yourself or you can hurt others, and you lose the opportunity to really learn Capoeira properly.

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