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How to Do Basic Samba Arm Movements

Learn how to do basic samba arm movements from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


So, now, we're going to learn how to use the arms with the samba step. So, very natural, just like walking. Arm in opposite of the front leg. So, when you start your right leg back, your right foot back, you're going to bring your right arm forward. Step and place. And then as you switch, let's switch arms. Naturally. Front arm in opposite of your front leg. And step, and switch, and step, and switch. The arms are closer to you, keep the feet very natural. It's a very natural way of samba. Arms close to your body. So, this is when you go out and socially dance samba with your friends and family, this is the type of arm you're going to have. This is also very commonly used by men. Women and professional samba dancers have two other types of arms. And I'm going to show to you right now. So, the first one is a more classic look. When you step back, you're going to place your arm and you're going to reach to the opposite arm nice and long. And you want to reach out. And you want to look great, the posture of the chest is open. And really place yourself. As you switch, switch arms and, switch. And switch arms and switch. And switch arms and. The hands come right in front of your chest bones, just your right front of your sternum. And you want to place it then, and keep your chest nice and wide. And again. And switch. And switch. But one's about a little bit faster. And... And we want to reach the arms as long as you can. Open the chest. Lift it up. Now, there was another second variation. And we call that flodeo. The hand comes in front of you. And it makes a little flower. So, we are going to do that as low first. We are going to step back and the hands will sit right in front of your chest. And then you'll switch sides, switch hands. And do that again. And do that again. The two more elevated, and it's called flodeo. Let's do that a little bit faster. And... So, remember, men, keep the arms close. Elbows close to the ribs. Ladies, open up. Use your arms, lift your chest up. And just dance.

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