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How to Do Basic Samba Hip Movements

Learn how to do basic hip movements from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


So now we are going to learn two different variations of hips. How to use your hips with your base samba step. The first one is a nice clean hips facing forward, so the hip bones are in the same alignment facing forward through the whole time. The second one is actual allow your hips to turn as you step back.

So lets do the first one nice and slow. Lets have your hands on your hips, and lets step back on one. Make sure your hips are facing forward and the base samba step base foot work. Step back left and forward. And step back and bring back forward, and again so you transfer the weight and you close.

The second variation is your going to allow the hips to turn as you step back. So lets go left to right first. Start the hips slightly turned and then as you bring forward bring back center. And left leg back, and bring back center. And right, and bring back center, and left and bring back center.

So lets try that with music. Nice and easy and maintain the hips facing forward, should keep you nice and clean. Small little steps. And one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three, one and the second step. The hip turns, and your given the side of your body. And the hip, turns a little bit faster one. One and two and three, second version. Hips turn and again the side a little bit more. First one, hips facing forward. Last time lets turn the hips, and turn and turn and turn. There are some variations for you hips, while doing the samba step.

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