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How to Move from Slow to Fast in Samba

Learn how to move from slow to fast from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast video.


So now let's talk about changing the speed. So, let's talk about changing the rhythm, changing from slow to fast. So, lets start slow with basic footwork, basic Samba step. Let's start slow. The most important thing to remember the head of the phase is the one we want in the back. So, I'm going to step with the right foot back for me. Nice and slow. One, and one. Now, to double the time, you're going to have to move twice as fast. So, think of the right leg and the left leg needs to reach back in the air a little bit faster, so we have to move the feet a little bit faster as well. So, again, let's do the basic step again, slow. Right leg back. Left leg back. And let's double time. One, two, three. Let's do it slow. One, and two. And fast. One, two, three, four. And slow. One. So, basically, two slow steps for four fast Samba steps. Slow. One and two, one and two, and fast, fast. Again. One and two. Slow and fast. Double time. So, you're getting each one in the back a little bit faster. And slow. And slow. And then fast. And two, and three, and four. And that's how to change from slow to fast with the Samba step.

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