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How to Do a Traveling Move in Samba

Learn how to do a traveling move from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast video.


How to do the traveling move in samba. Samba is a social dance. You usually go to a samba party, you have a bunch of friends in there, your family, everyone is there. You want to interact with everyone, so you should be able to travel while doing the samba step, so you just don't stop doing your samba step, and then walk over and then come back. I'm going to teach you how to travel doing your samba step, nice and easy.

Basic footwork that we learned already. Step back on the one, head of the musical phrase. Ready? Four, three, two, and step back. We learned the basic footwork that's right here. You stay at your one's place. Now, you want to travel. You want to go to the right side, and how to do that, you want to step a little bit bigger every time you step with your right foot. Right, and right, so it's a little bit bigger every time you step with your right foot.

Now, you want to go back and center to the left, so how do we do? You want to step a little bit bigger with your left foot, and left, left, and bring back center using the right foot. Let's do that again. A little bit bigger when you go to the right, and the left foot steps a little bit bigger out to the side when you go to the left. Ready? To the right, and to the left, a little bit bigger, step out with the left foot, and back center.

So now, You want to go forward, you want to to talk to someone that's right in front of you, so you step a little bit bigger on the step two. One is on the back, two is a little bigger, and one on the back, two a little bit bigger. One on the back, as you step forward, it has to be a little bigger, and then again, step forward a little bit bigger. If you're traveling to the back, then step one has to be bigger, so step one back, and two, close, and step to the back, two, close, and step, two, close, and step, two close.

Let's do that a little bit faster. Basics on the step, and let's travel forward. Seconds two, step two, it's a little faster, a little bigger because you want to travel front. Now, we're traveling to the back. Step one is going to be bigger. Back, back, back, to the front, and forward, to the back, and forward, to the back. So now, let's put it together. Right, to the right. To the left, and back center, and forward, and second step is a little bigger, now to the back, step big on one so that again, to the front, and to the back. Big step, and here we are.

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