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How to Do a Short Samba Routine

Learn how to do a short samba routine from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


How to do a short Samba routine.

So we already learned the basic Samba step, the basic footwork. We learned some step variations. We learned how to travel from side to side, forward and backwards. And we also learned how to turn. So now, we're going to put everything together.

So let's dance to the music. And remember, you always go back into basic footwork. That's you home step. Right? Do your variations, do you turns, do you circles, do you sexy move, and then go back into basic footwork.

So let’s do it. Let's do it together. Let's start with the basic footwork. And! Let's use the step-ball change! And now let's Samba! How about traveling? Let's travel to the right. And to the left. Let's have some turns! Good, nice, beautiful, wise ladies! And give me nice, sexy move. And! Hip and torso! Shoulder! And turn, turn around! Remember the shoulders? Double. And! And Mother Famiga! So now give nice, big arms for your Mother Famiga. And! And do that again! And go back into the basic Samba step. So we can always use the turns, you can always travel side-to-side, you can do your step of change, and now let's go back to basic Samba step. Now just enjoy the music. And do that every time.

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