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What Is Samba Pagode?

Learn about samba pagode from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


Samba pagode from Vajilla. What is it? It's a combination of all Samba (?), all Samba roots, with (?) dance. It's movement, shoulders, hips. It's a little more aggressive and there is a freedom when it comes to movement. So the posture, actually we go through ups and downs, open and rounded shoulders and you have a little bit more of the cervical spine involved into the movement as well. So the head and the neck also follows the movement of the spine as well. This samba pagode from Vajilla, the music is very, very strong and it's really high energy. Most of the bands come from a favela community and they do talk about that in their songs as well. The songs have different messages. It can just talk about the beauty of the Brazilian women and it can also talk about the hard life at the favelas, day to day life. Sometimes people say that you need a little bit of sadness to have a great samba song. We have everything. A little bit of sadness and all the happiness we can have and then we express that through the specific style of samba. That's the samba from Vajilla.

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