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How to Do the Quebradeira in Samba

Learn how to do the quebradeira from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


So now we are going to learn a very specific movement and the Bergauze from Salvador by Brazil, and it's called Quebradeira, which means shake everything. So we are going to move the legs fast and we are going to move the hips, and the torso, in a very not coordinated way kind of way, kind of. Let's try.

So facing sideways, we are going to relax into the knees, where I'll get a nice and neutral pelvis. First let's start off with the movement of the feet. The feet we move from right to left, with very, very, very small range of motion. And from that, you are going to add hip movement into circular moves, nice and easy. Now on top of that footwork and the hip move, we are going to add the torso movement on the torso. However, it's all a little bit faster and it's really free movement, so don't think about it too much. Allow your feet to move, allow your hips to move, and allow your torso to move. Ready? Four, three, two, and (?). The hips moving, the hips, the torso, it's moving, and (?).

Let's do that again slow. Okay. Foot work, right to left. Right and left, and right and left. It's one. Then we add the hips and the torso, and four, and three, let's double time, go and... Let's turn around. This is a very traditional step on Samba, nowadays when you go to (?) concert, you are going to be doing the step, so rehearse it. Train at home.

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