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How to Do the Cho Chua Step in Samba

Learn how to do the cho chua step from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


Now we are going to learn a step that has become recognized Bahia in by the name of Cho Chua. Cho Chua is a song and it's an old song of Brazil and then it was re-done by a big famous Pagode band recently and with the Pagode music, the good thing about it is, for the dance is that the dance steps usually follow the lyrics.

So when you are taking a Samba dance class and one of the musicians call Cho Chua, this is the step you are going to be doing. So let's start. Nice and easy, follow the rhythm of the music, just softer knees, nice with the hip, weight, side by side. Shift the weight from right to left, nice and easy. We are going to add just a small little step to the side, and the hip will do a little ta-ta. Ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta. The leg is slightly open to the side, as you accent the hip down, down. Down-down. Down-down, and down-down. Down-down, and down-down. Last one. Good. So now, ta-ta-ta, ta-ta-ta.

We are going to do that a little bigger. Ta-ta, ta, and single, side by side. There is a little jump, little hop, and then you tap the toes, and tap, and tap, and tap, and tap. Now, let's just change direction. Let's have front and back. And, and, and, and. Stop. Hip accent. Front and back. Now, to make this even more fun, let's add the arms. When you go back, Cho Chua. Cho Chua. Cho Chua. Cho Chua. Uh-uh...uh-uh...uh-uh. Front. And front, and back. Last one. This is your Cho Chua step.

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