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How to Do a Short Samba Pagode Routine

Learn how to do a short samba pagode routine from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


How to do a short samba pagode from Bahia routine. You have a series of moves we have done; side by side, Samba step. We have done step forward and slide. We have done the single leg hip accent and the quebradeira move, the cho chua move. Now let's put everything together. Remember, there are no set rules, it's all about putting the movements together, the series of movements together and have fun and enjoying yourself. Whatever you remember, just add it to the routine.

Now, you can always go back to the Samba side-by-side step. It's always a safe place to go back and just regroup and get together. And then you start doing all the steps (?) and then just have fun with your routine. Okay?

So let's start with the basic step, side-by-side. And remember, you can make that as slow and as small as you need, or as big as you like. Let's bring that forward, with your Samba step, forward, hip, hip, hip, hip. Okay. Let's go back to Samba side-by-side, with arms and with hips. With arms and hips, right into the single leg hip accent, and, and, and.

Now let's do the other side as well. Ready? Turn and... now turn and find someone to dance with you. And do quebradeira. And quebra, quebra, quebra, quebra. Remember the footwork, the hips and the torso. Da, da, da, da. Now, just have fun and play with your Samba steps.

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