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How Much of a Workout Is Samba?

Learn how much of a workout the samba is from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


Samba as a workout.

Afro-Brazilian dances and samba, what type of workout is it? It is cardio based workout. You're dancing an hour to an hour and a half. It depends on the intensity of the class. It could be low intensity so you're just learning the basic moves. You're traveling very little through space. Or, it can be a really high intensity class in which you're traveling through space and dancing for a whole hour and a half or two hours of class. So, it's really high-intensity cardio based workout. You can lose about 300 to 500 calories in only one workout.

The great thing about samba is you can do it solo, you can do it duet, and you can do it in a group, and in different types of samba it's going to provide how many people you actually perform your dance with. For example, samba de gafieira is usually done in a duet, two people. But the regular samba class, the regular samba step, Afro-Brazilian samba, it's a solo dance workout.

It's a very easy way for you to get your workout done, to get your cardio exercise in, so that you should get nice, healthier, and stronger while you're just having fun. That's the whole thing about samba. It's fun, fun, and fun.

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