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History of Brazilian Samba Costumes

Learn about Brazilian samba costumes from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


About samba, kind of our customs, it was brought to us Brazilians by the Europeans during colonial times. Believe me, it has changed a lot over the years.

Today, during Carnival, most of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have the traditional costumes, especially during the samba school parade, but other states not so much. So, they have the bikini that's a two-piece outfit. They also have a one-piece outfit, or they have the dress that's a little more sophisticated look when they have a private event or a TV show.

I am wearing Capezio dance shoes, very comfortable, because you can articulate through the feet and it also supports your ankle. I have a gold queen dress. That's a dress that's usually used when your samba performer has a TV show. It's a more sophisticated look.

I have the jewelry all over. Also, I have my arms of war. It's a little bit like a warrior look. I have my wings, beautiful, gorgeous, and gold, and it symbolizes gold. I do have my head piece. It's also in gold, and the jewel represents the jewel that's natural from Brazil. It originates from Brazil. Brazil is very rich in natural jewels and minerals.

So, today I am a gold queen.

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