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3 Tips for Dancing Samba

Pick up three samba dancing tips from samba expert Michele Bastos in this Howcast dance video.


Tips for samba dancing. We are going to talk about three. One is posture, how to have a nice posture while doing your samba steps. First of all, you want to make sure that your knees are soft. That's going to take the pressure off your lower back, and that's going to keep your hips nice and neutral.

Also, that soft knee is going to give you the bouncing movement, and that's the number two. Having that soft knee is going to give you the bouncing movement that we do use with the basic samba steps, the basic footwork.

Posture, it is important to have your chest nice and open, so really lift it up. Connect it with the abdominals. Roll the shoulders all the way back and down so you have a nice, nice, nice long neck and you have a nice, wide chest keeping it all the way down.

The third tip that we are going to talk about is breathing, how to breathe during your basic samba step. You do not want to go all of the sudden out of breath, and can't breathe and can no longer dance. So, just make sure you're breathing in and out through the whole time, right. Remember to never hold your breath, because if you do then you're just going to have to let it go out your mouth. You want to have nice and easy small breaths in and out the whole time.

One of the most complete breaths is the diaphragm breath. It's all the way in here into your belly. So if you fill with air and exhale and get the air out that's going to give you the nice support that you need to keep up with your intricate samba steps without running out of breath.

So, three tips. Posture is shoulders back and down, nice and long neck, hips nice and neutral, and knees soft. Two: small, soft knees bouncing as you do your samba step. Three: breathe through the whole time.

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