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Household Ingredients Used in Fake Blood

Learn which household items you need to make fake blood from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Now we're going to talk about a few household techniques and products you can use to create fake blood.

In addition to using chocolate sauce and food coloring, you can also use karo syrup and food coloring, as well as instant coffee. The each make a different texture of blood, and they can all be combined to create their very own brand new blood.

Instant coffee is very great, because it also gives the deep brown, thick, coagulated blood, and karo syrup can give you the oozy, goozy blood.

Same thing, you can add a little bit of chocolate sauce, you can add some food coloring, and see where it takes you. The best thing about making homemade blood is you can play, you can make different shades. You can make it thick and gooey or you can make it runny and good for splattering all over.

If you use instant coffee, it's a great way to create a thick and coagulated old blood. So those are a few things that you may have in your house already to use and create fake blood.

It's important when you're doing this to experiment and have fun and see what you can create on your own.

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