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3 Types of Fake Tattoos

Learn about the different types of fake tattoos from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this special effects makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Right now we're going to talk about how to apply fake tattoos. There are a number of different types of fake tattoos. There's a water transfer tattoo and it's a little bit similar to maybe the tattoos that you had from your Cracker Jack box growing up. They apply just with water and they wash off with water. Another type of tattoo are the transfers that you get at an actual tattoo shop when they're going to ink you, and you can use those as well.

Today I'm going to be applying an alcohol transfer tattoo. This is from a company called Temptu. You can find them at major Halloween retailers and also order them online. I love these because they're alcohol based pigment. You apply with alcohol and you remove with alcohol. That makes them more durable. They last longer. These tattoos can last for about three days if you don't get oil on them or alcohol. So this is the tattoo that we're going to be using today for the alcohol transfer.

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