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How to Fill In & Set a Fake Tattoo

Learn how to fill in and use powder to set a fake tattoo from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


So we have the first step of the tattoo complete. Now if you like the way this looks, like I said before, you can leave it as such. If you do leave it it's really important that you powder it with a neutral set powder. I have the Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder. I love this powder, it smells good, it's cheap, and it works amazingly. But I want to fill in this tattoo, so I'm not going to powder it quite yet. I have these from the same company that we have the tattoo from, Temptu, they have these really great DuraLiners, they're alcohol based as well, and I'm going to fill it in. These come in a variety of colors, but I like this blue color because it gives it kind of an older, not brand new tattoo look. So basically you can see this, it's a tiny brush with a fine point, and I'm just going to fill in all of the areas that I want to be a little bit darker. One thing to think about when you're shading is that the shadow always start darker, and then blends out to a lighter color, and if you want your tattoo to look really real, and you have the skill to do that, it's a good thing to do. So I'm just filling this in, filling this in. You can also add color at this step if you want color tattoo, but I think for this skull and bones I'm just going to add the blue ink. These shadows here really make it pop and give it kind of a three dimensionality. These tattoos are great because you can shower with them, you can do pretty much anything you usually do with them, as long as you don't scrub them or get lotion on them, or any kind of oil. You don't have to go over every single edge, just the edges that you want to pop, if you want to create those shadows. You can continue the around the entirety of the tattoo, all along the edges if you want it to look the same, but that's about it. There we have it, I'm going to powder it now with the Neutral Set Powder, that will also even out the color a little bit, to make it less vibrant and more realistic. So I have powder on my brush, and I'm just going to tap it out, and then hit that with the powder. One more layer, and then I'm going to brush the excess powder away. And that is how you apply a fake tattoo.

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