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How to Layer Concealer to Cover a Tattoo

Learn how to layer concealer to cover a tattoo from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


For step of the tattoo cover, I am going to choose a skin tone concealer that I am going to apply over the orange. I think this color looks close to her skin tone. I am going to use a concealer brush again to apply this over the top. I'm going to be using a stippling motion again, because I want to add layers and I don't want to disturb the orange concealer that's underneath it.

I'm just stippling this on and this one is okay to get a little bit on the skin past the orange concealer because we are going to be blending it out. The thicker the concealer the less it will take and the less layers you will have to put on if you use a thick concealer. It really depends on the color of the tattoo how much pigment the tattoo has in it as to how much make up you will have to use to cover it.

Now I'm going to take my finger with a little bit of the concealer, I'm going to get some concealer on my finger and I'm just going to blot around in a tapping motion to help make this look like it's starting to blend into the skin. You want it to gently fade into the skin.

Now that's done we are going to powder. I'm going to load my powder brush, tap it out, and then hit that concealer with powder. There's the end of step two.

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