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How to Cover a Tattoo Using Foundation

Learn how to cover a tattoo using foundation and powder from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


This our last step of covering the tattoo. I have with me a beauty blender sponge which is one of the most amazing miracles in the makeup industry. And I have created a skin tone foundation that matches hers. It's important when picking out a foundation for a tattoo cover that it's also thick and creamy. The creamier the better. You don't want liquid makeup. You want something that's very creamy and thick. So I'm going to take this sponge. You can use any sponge but I happen to love the beauty blender. I'm going to stipple a little bit of makeup on there. So it looks like that and then I'm just going to start dabbing it over the tattoo concealed area. And this looks like I'm beating her up but it actually feels really good. Doesn't it? And then I'm going to take the other side of the brush and pull the foundation out into her skin. And then we're going to powder. Moving my brush with powder, taping it out then powdering the area. Tattoos are actually quite difficult to cover especially close-up. You can usually do a good job of faking it from far away. Unless of course you have an airbrush machine, air compressor and an air gun. You can do some pretty great things with that. And that is how you cover a tattoo.

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