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How to Apply & Mold Wax to Make a Fake Cut

Learn how to apply and mold wax to make a fake cut from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


And now I'm going to take the wax and the palate knife, you can use a butter knife or whatever you have at home, and I'm going to scrape out some wax. Now, the wax is easier to work with the warmer it is, so I'm just going to roll it on my hand to give it some body heat, so that it's more pliable. I'm actually going to sculpt this cut on her arm.

And you don't need very much, because if you notice a natural cut, it doesn't rise up out of the skin, but we have to create just something that we can take away from to create the cut.

So that's sticky, I'm going to take the wax on my palate knife and I'm going to spread it out in a long, thin line. And now, from there, you can use alcohol to help form it. I'm just going to spray my knife with some alcohol and then I'm going to go along the edges and feather them out going down on the bottom so that it really melts into the skin.

At this point, you should be able to see that it's becoming kind of invisible on that bottom edge, and blending right into the skin. And then on the other side, we're going to blend it up. So that's almost, pretty much disappeared.

Now we're going to take the edge of our palate knife and I'm going to run it along the center to create the cut, just like that. This is like paper-cut thin right now. If I want to make it a thicker cut, I'll just part the wax.

I want the cut to be a little bit deeper, so I'm going to add another layer of wax to this. Push it in toward the middle. And then, same thing, I'm going to blend it out on the edges. Now I'm going to use the edge of my palate knife to create a cut. The cut, to make it look realistic, should be thicker in the middle and thin around the edges.

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