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How to Do a Day of the Dead Makeup Base

Learn how to do a base for Day of the Dead makeup from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Now we're going to do a Day of the Dead make-up. This is one of my most favorite make-ups because it can be so intricate or just a general, beautiful make-up. This make-up is based off of the Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

So the first step is we're going to add a base. Because it's a skeleton, it's always a little bit lighter. Although, you can always take artistic and creative liberties. So I'm going to put a foundation on her that's lighter than her skin color. You can do a stark white if you like. I prefer the aesthetic of something more subtle. I'm just going to take my Beauty Blender, my favorite sponge ever, and I'm going to dab this all over her face just to lighten her up. Just apply the base all over. I like kind of a thin transparent white, but you can do it however you like. And I'm going over the eyes. You'll have a lot of different options. You can make it like a mask and end the make-up here, or you can extend it down to your throat, or you can do your whole body.

One thing that's good to do is to paint the ears, just so they don't look unfinished and like they're not part of the face. So I'm just going to dab a little color here on the ears. Now, I'm going to go over the lips a little bit, too. If there's any nooks and crannies you can't get with the sponge, you can use a small brush. I'm going to use this little blendy brush, but you can use any brush you like. I'm going to go around the nostrils, up under the nose, and look up, I'm going to go under the eyes. Then I want this to come up into the hair line. Again, that's personal preference. And that's step one.

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