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How to Hollow Out Features for Day of the Dead Makeup

Learn how to hollow out the eyes and nose for Day of the Dead makeup from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


For step two of this make-up, we're going to hollow out the eyes and the nose. So, I'm going to take a black cream make-up and my blendy brush and get some black on there. Close your eyes. I'm just going to hollow out the eyes. There's really no right or wrong way to do this. You can use any brush you like. You can use your fingers if you like. Look at me. I like the way this looks, but I want a little more rounded look. So I'm going to use a stiffer brush and round this out. Now, look up.

I'm going to go right under the eye, the black. Just keep in mind the shape of your skull and all of the parts that if your body started to deteriorate that would be hollowed out. And those are places you want to make shadows. And then you're going to go back through after you have this general shape. All right. So I like the way that looks, so now I'm going to go to the nose.

The nose is interesting because there are a few ways you can create this illusion. You can black out these sides, or create a heart shape, or you can just do the bottom of the nostril. I'm going to do the bottom of the nostril because it's the simplest. I'm just going to brush black in kind of a heart shape along that bottom nose cartilage. If you feel like it, you can get a little black make-up upside your nose too. It's always fun to stick things up your nose.

Same with the eyes, once I have the general shape, I'm going to go in and clean up the make-up. I'm going to use my angle brush because I can get a finer line with it. I'm going to go back around, outlining the shape that I've already made. Got a little messy down around the nostril, so I'm just going to clean that up with a Q-tip. I'm actually seeing as I'm doing this now, and it's creating a bit of a drop shadow, which I like. That's the great thing about make-up. If you have mistakes, you can find some really cool things. So I'm going to pull that down and make it look intentional. And that is the way we hollow out the general features.

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