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How to Blend a Fake Neck Wound into Skin

Learn how to blend a fake neck wound into skin from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Our silicone has set, so now I am going to fix it with some fixer spray. Close your eyes. I'm just going to spritz. That helps seal it. Okay. Now, I'm going to take a little bit of powder, load my brush with it, and then gently powder it. Especially around the edges, we don't want it to look too shiny. Okay. Now, I've mixed up more of her foundation color, and we're just going to try to blend this into her skin. So I'm going to put a little bit on a foundation brush. You can use a sponge.

Now that this has set, you can go ahead and use a latex sponge. I'm just trying to make this match the rest of her skin. I'm going to go all the way around. You don't need to really color the wounds since we already added foundation in with the silicone. And that's blending in nicely with the skin. Since we've added that color, you just want to blend it down. I'm going to use my orange sponge. You can use any sponge you want to just stipple some more color, give it a little texture. Great.

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