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How to Blend a Special FX Makeup Zipper Face into Skin

Learn how to blend a zipper face into skin using color and wax from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


The zipper has adhered to Amanda's face now, and so it took a little while,
a lot of spirit gum, tapping off, pressing down, making sure that it's nice and stuck on
there. So when you do this, be patient, it takes a while.

Okay, now I'm going to add a base to try blend the zipper into her complexion a
little bit. I have her foundation color already mixed up, and now I'm just
going to cover her face, except the middle part. We're going to do
something different there, so we don't need to apply base. We're going to
let the base come onto the zipper. And we're just covering her whole face.
I'm going to go over her eye here. The zipper will absorb a lot of the makeup,
so just know you may have to put a few layers on it.

I'm going to take a center brush and go up under her eye. This is a really
cool look, if you have, like, full blown eye makeup on. And so once the zipper
is applied, if you want to add eyelashes, liner, eye shadow, all of that.
It makes the look even cooler. On this side, again, I am going to add a lot
of makeup to the zipper.

I am going to add wax to kind of smooth out these edges here. So taking my
mortician's wax or your nose putty and scar wax, and I'm warming it up on
my hand with my palette knife so that it's really easy to use. I'm going to
take a little bit of it and just run it along that edge. I'm just trying to
fill in that gap a little. That way we can kind of hide that seam. I'm
going to do that on both edges.

If you ever need help smoothing out the wax, you can use a little bit of
alcohol. That will help smooth it. Yeah, it looks better already. We don't
see that seam so bad. I'm going to do the opposite side as well. Once
that's done on both side, I'm going to feather those edges again to blend
it even better into the skin. So I'm just going to add some foundation over
the top of the wax that we just added.

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