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How to Add Color to a Special FX Zipper Face

Learn how to add color to a zipper face from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


I'm going to add just a little bit of blush now to make her look more normal on the outside, kind of more of a beauty makeup on the outside. Like I said, you can add a full blown eye makeup to this look. It creates a really cool juxtaposition of what we're going to do in the middle. So, we're just going to blush it up.

Now we're going to add kind of a bloody middle to this. I'm going to take my Ben Nye colors from my bruising wheel, and I'm going to add the lightest red, the brightest red. I'm just going to fill that entire center in with red. We're trying to give the illusion that the skin has been zipped away and we just have this bloody, messy inside.

You can leave these flaps on if you like the way it looks, or you can cut them off during the application. I kind of like the way it looks like skin hanging down, so I'm going to leave mine. Just going to gently lift these flaps to get the color underneath the zipper. Make sure you get in the nose. Down the sides. I'm going to lift that zipper up and try to get in there.

If you don't have fancy makeup brushes, too, in your own collection you can always go to the paint store or to a craft store and get cheap brushes. They're easy to use. They're not expensive. Then you can throw them away, or you can clean them and reuse them.

Alright. So, that is the first step to the inside of the zipper

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