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How to Make Scars for Joker Special FX Makeup

Learn how to make scars for a Joker face from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


I'm going to teach you how to make scars using a product called rigid
collodion. It looks like this and it's from a company named Kryolan. And,
you can get it at Halloween supply stores and professional specialty make
up stores, such as Alcone in New York City. Or, you can also get it at the
Make-Up Designery.

So basically what this is, is a product that pulls the skin together. So,
it's pretty chemically. It smells a little bit like nail polish. If you
have super sensitive skin, I recommend not using this. But, if you don't
have super sensitive skin, like Mico, we can use it.

So basically what's going to happen is, I'm going to brush this on and I'm
going to have him pull his face taught. Like that. Can you do that for me
with both hands? Perfect. And, I'm going to make a Jokeresque scar, kind
of like, Keith Ledger's scar in Batman.

So, I have a little bit and I'm just going to apply that here in the shape that I want.
Can I have you move your fingers back off your face a little bit, a little more.
It dries pretty quick and the more layers you add, the more severe the
scarring will be. This you definitely don't want to get it in your mouth,
but I'm going to put it right up to the lip to create that effect.

Okay, we're going to do this on both sides, but we're going to let this side dry
first. And, it's going to take, maybe, two to three minutes.
So, the scar should be a little shiny, usually scars are. But, I'm going
to powder this one down just a little bit. So, I have powder on my powder
brush and I'm just going to tap it out on both sides. And there we have
the start of the Joker scar.

If you use rigid collodion, you can make very subtle scars on pretty much
any part of the body. Especially arms. It's good for arms. Depending on
what brush you use and how much you apply, you can get very real looking
scars. If you want to add a little bit of pinkish color underneath it, you
can start with a little bit of make-up underneath, very, very, light, and
subtle, and add that on top for a variation.

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