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How to Do the White Base for Joker Special FX Makeup

Learn how to do the white face base for Joker makeup from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


We already applied the scars for this Joker makeup and now we're going to add the white color of the face. So, this is a simple palette that I bought from a drug store or a Halloween store and I'm going to use a little bit of white and I'm going to add in just a touch of grey. I'm going to mix these two together with my palette knife. If you don't have a palette knife at home you can use a butter knife.

Once that color is all mixed in I'm going to get my foundation brush, also use white latex sponges that you can get at the drug store, or your fingers if you like. And I'm just kind of going to make this even. It's not going to be perfect makeup because the Joker's makeup was a little messy, all over the place, erratic, and wonderful. And then go over the lips and it's okay to paint over the scar as well. I think it's important to get part of the ears if not all of them. And I'm bring the makeup down onto the neck.

Okay, close your eyes and we're going to brush foundation over the top. I love this makeup in the movie. Some of his skin tone is actually going through and it looks so wonderfully haphazard. It looks like the character applied it and not the makeup artist. We can leave it at that. I'm going to powder it now. If you really want to give it a cakey, crusty look, you can add way too much powder and that's kind of a fun look as will. Close your eyes. And that's our foundation.

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