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How to Do the Eyes for Joker Special FX Makeup

Learn how to do the eyes for a Joker face from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Next, for the eyes, I took a black color and I'm adding a little bit of gray so we get a charcoal black, not a deep deep dark black.

So, I'm mixing these colors. This is the color I want. And I'm going to take a brush. I'm going to add just a little bit of color. Tap it out on my hand to make sure I don't have too much product on my brush. And I'm going to circle his eyes in the black. I'm going to go right along his lash line here. And I'm extending it up into his eyebrows.

Another something you can do with the eyebrows if you want is, take a little brush and brush them up to make them a little more wild.

I'm brushing this up into the eyebrows. And I'm going to make the eyebrows crazy. And this is the same way as the white. It can be a little bit erratic. This is definitely not a perfect make-up. This is character make-up.

If I want to add a little more depth, I can do something like add black in the corners of the eyes. Look at me. Great. One thing I loved about the joker make-up were these little off-shoots. See how it's coming off of his eyes. Super subtle. Like he had smeared his make-up a little. And then you can tap that out with your finger so it doesn't look like such a perfect line.

Just remember to have fun with this. You can have your own interpretation of the make-up. (?) eyes done. (?) smear it all over the place.

We're going to move on to the lips.

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