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How to Do the Mouth for Joker Special FX Makeup

Learn how to do the mouth for the Joker face from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


I'm going to add a little bit of red color to this blackened charcoal that I already have on my hand and mix a lipstick color. That's kind of a deep red. I like that color. So, I'm going to take my lip or concealer brush, it's the same shape, and I'm going to just brush this over his lips kind of very haphazardly. I'm going to extend it out to those scars.

I kind of want the center of that to be a little more vivid, so I'm going to add just a bright red. I'm going to add a little black on the outer edges. Then I'm just going to tie it together. This is the fun part where you can play around. It's a messy makeup.

And there you have a super quick, really simple Joker makeup.

I'm just going to wet his hair and gel it back. If you have something like some kind of shine product that makes it look greasy that's even better. In fact, you can literally add grease or oil to your hair if you want, a little olive oil or something like that.

And that's the quick and easy Joker.

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