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How to Do the Base for Zombie Special FX Makeup

Learn how to do the base for zombie makeup from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


I'm going to apply the base of the zombie make up now. I am using some cream makeup that I got from the local Halloween store. Most of these products are also available in regular drug stores. So I'm going to take a little bit of this green cream makeup and I'm going to mix it with white and gray to get the color of the base that I want. So that's the green you can to add a little bit of white in there and some gray.

Typically when you're doing a latex makeup I would not put anything underneath the latex, but because we want this to decay anyway and kind of fall off, I am going to put the base makeup on first and the latex on top of it. I think this is about the shade that I want. It's important when you're doing the zombie makeup to do your whole body. I'm not going to be doing Nikos entire body I'm just going to do the face and the ears. But always make sure you extend the makeup down the neck and any exposed skin.

And I'm going to use my foundation brush to apply this makeup. It's a really sick color, move over the lips. And I'm basically just going to try to cover his entire face with a wash of this color. Going to get up on those ears. When you're doing it at home you'll remember to extend it down your neck and cover any skin that's going to be showing. Go over the top of his eyes. Now I'm going to do the other side of the face.

We're going to be adding a lot of layers on top of this so typically I wouldn't want my zombie personally to be so green. But we're going to have a lot of layers on top and this is sort of the bottom layer that will show through. I'm going over the eyelid on this side, then I'm going to get on his ears. All right and there we have the first layer of makeup foundation.

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