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How to Do the Eyes for Special FX Zombie Makeup

Learn how to do the eyes for zombie makeup from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


All right. Now, I'm adding a red lip pencil to the waterline of his eye, so I'm going to have you look up, and I'm going right along that little tiny part of the eye. Okay, here you go. That's the red around the eye. Now what I'm going to do is go around and rip holes in the tissue and put some shadow underneath. A really good place to do this is the nose. I'm just going to pull it up like it's falling off, and you'll see the actual skin exposed under there. We'll just start adding shadows.

Just pulling that up a little and adding shadow underneath. You can get it so that it just kind of hangs there with something exposed underneath. That creates a really cool effect. The same around the mouth. It seems like zombies are always falling apart at the mouth. This looks this might be a good place on the cheek, and add shadow.

You can just do this all around the make-up. Find little places to expose the skin, put some shadow in there. This area around the eye can be super sensitive, so you probably don't want to be tearing the latex off right there, but you can create a little illusion of depth right there. You can make this as complicated and detailed as you want by adding a little more color depth, adding some blacks and some lighter colors to create highlights. I'm just going to add a tiny bit of black in some of these.

The darkest spot will be where the latex has been ripped. All right, now, we're going to stipple a little more color all over the make-up before doing the final touches. You can keep adding color or whatever you like, but to complete this look, we're going to move onto the next step, which is adding blood and ooze.

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