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How to Make a Fake Special FX Bullet Hole from Dental Floss

Learn how to make a fake bullet hole from dental floss from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Now that we've created a zombie, I'm going to teach you how to kill a zombie. I have a little bit of dental floss that I've wrapped into a small circle. I'm going to take some liquid latex, dab it on the forehead where I want the bullet wound to be. Then I'm going to stick my dental floss right on that latex, then cover it in latex.

If you want to make bullet wounds not for killing zombies, but to look like you've been shot in the head, you can create these on a palette or on a piece of Saran wrap. You just put the little section of dental floss on the palette, cover it in latex and peel it up slowly. You need about four or five layers of latex, you peel it up slowly and powder the back of it, then apply it with latex.

The key to making it look realist is making it thicker in the center and then feathering the edges out, so that when you put it on your skin it kind of melts into your skin. Since he's a zombie and he has a lot of texture, we're not worrying about feathering out the edges here. Let me get that all covered and I'm going to do one extra layer, just to make sure it sticks. When that is dry we're going to add some color and some blood.

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