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How to Add Color to a Special FX Fake Bullet Hole

Learn how to add color to a fake bullet hole from makeup artist Ciara Rose Griffin in this Howcast special effects makeup tutorial.


Now that the latex for the bullet hole is dry, we're going to just add a little bit of base color on top of it. Just going to stipple some around there, and then I'm going to stipple the black on top. Make it look like it's just part of the skin.

The next step is I'm going to add black right in the center of that bullet hole. Next, I'm going to add some chocolate syrup as zombie blood or zombie rot coming out of their head after you shoot them. I'm sure there's a technical term, but we're going to stick with zombie rot. So, I'm just going to fill that bullet hole, and there you have it.

That's how to kill the zombie you've created.

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