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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 52 - Chapter 10

Check out part 52 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Guard 1: Seen anyone being rat swarm?

Guard 2: You're such a joke.

Pendleton: I'm dying, Ren. That bastard's done me in. I should have killed them all when I had the chance.

Ren: Don't say that, my lord.

Pendleton: First my brothers, now me. It's my own fault. And now cousin Celia's going to inherit. That's the worst of it. You've been a decent captain. A little slow on the drawing yesterday, I have to say. But decent.

Ren: Yes, my lord. Sorry, my lord.

Pendleton: Corvo. I knew you would get here. Well, you're too late. I'm already dying without your help. A stray bullet. I'll never know whose. What could I offer you, anyway? You want money? Well, I'm broke. Women, maybe? Everyone knows you were screwing the Empress. You like noblewomen? You should meet my cousin, Celia.

Guard 3: I know you're still there!

Martin: Here to add me to your list? To write my name across the ground in blood? I'm not going to plead innocence. When we dug you out of Coldridge prison, we had the best of intentions. We'd find Emily and strike against the Lord regent. But once we started ordering deaths, blackmailing those in power, and all the other things you're not supposed to do, well, I guess it just become a habit. It's a hard thing, holding the keys to the Empire in your hands. It weighs on a man's mind, heavily.

Curse Havelock and Pendleton as fools. Curse me, as well. I can't stop you from going after Emily, but I'm not going to give you the privilege. I was born into nothing and it's nothing I'll return to.

Guard 4: Better make a past... Huh? Someone...

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