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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 54 - Chapter 10

Check out part 54 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Guard: What's going on?

Havelock: We've done such things. Cowardly things that I'm ashamed of. How could anyone ever forgive us? Would they, even if things are better? No. No, that's not how it works. Once the bureaucrats step in, everything gets muddy. If anyone ever knew, we'd all lose our heads for this. So no one can ever know. And could we ever control Emily with Corvo around? That's the question that sticks in my mind. We need to make our final move, and we need to make it cleanly. No loose ends. Only a few in the know. The ones with the most to lose.

Emily: No! Let me go!

Havelock: Quiet! Move already, child!

Emily: Let me go! I am the Empress!

Havelock: Didn't you learn anything in your short life? Empresses are pieces on the board. And an Empress can sometimes die. Everything has come to nothing. The plague will take us all. You could have sat on the throne, with me behind it, but now Corvo is racing towards us, ready to dash it all to bits.

Emily: Corvo's going to kill you!

Havelock: Hah! Possibly. Corvo's killed a lot of people, but he's terrible at saving Empresses. He's the worst of us all, you know.

Emily: No, he loves me and he's my friend! And I am the Empress!

Havelock: Ow! A little dignity...

Emily: I always knew you would come. You're my hero! The others are all dead, aren't they? That's all right. I was going to have them killed anyway. I am going to be Empress.

Outsider: What will history tell us? That the daughter of a murdered Empress ascended the throne up a mountain of corpses, carried by an assassin named Corvo? No, they'll say that little Emily Kaldwin the First came to power in an age of terror and corruption, and that she did her best in a world that is not kind to little girls, or Empresses. But whether the stories told mention you by name or not, she will remember you were there, Corvo.

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