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Dishonored Low Chaos Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out part 1 and finish Dishonored with a low chaos rating in this walkthrough of Arkane Studios' first-person stealth action title.


Empress: Corvo, if only there was someone else I trusted to send, so that you could remain near. But there is no one else. And the Spymaster was right to insist that I send you. The plague has taken so many, and we must find a cure. When you are near, my heart is at peace. Emily and I will count the days until you return. Hurry home, and bring good news.

Male: Steady hand! That's it. Watch it! Casting off. We're away. Take us straight to Dunwall Tower. Lord Corvo has news for the Empress, and we've come a long way.

Male 2: A long way to bring bad news. The sailors say there's a curse on us. Black magic.

Male: Superstition. For all we know, there's a cure for the plague by now.

Male 2: Maybe. We live in strange times. Sending the Empress's bodyguard away for a couple of months...that's unusual.

Male: Well, this is important. We need help with the [inaudible]. Hold there! We're going up.

Male 3: Ready. Turning on the pipes. And...she's rising.

Male: Home at last.

Male 3: Steady pressure. And....stop! Shut it down.

Male: The Empress will be waiting for your news, Corvo. You know what to do next time?

Male 3: Yes, yes.

Male: The pressure was too low.

Emily: Corvo! You're back! Will you tell me about your trip, please? Were there any whales? Wait! Let's play hide and seek first. I'll cover my eyes, and you hide. Well, you have time. Mother's busy talking to that nasty old Spymaster. Okay, here we go. Later, will you give me more climbing lessons? Someday I'm going to climb up to the rooftop. Did you see any monsters while travelling to the other isles? My nanny says the big ocean's full of them. But I think she only says that to scare me.

Let's see if you're still good at this. I'll hide my eyes and count, and at the end of the countdown, I'll try and find you. Okay, I'm going to count to ten. Find a place to hide! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Here I come! Where are you? Okay, you win. You should go now, so Mother can see you too. Run with me!

Campbell: Welcome home, Lord Protector.

Male 4: Stop moving, Campbell! And you, Corvo...welcome back. Wherever you've been.

Campbell: They sent him all around the isles to beg for aid.

Male 4: A waste of time. My elixir will banish the plague from this city. Now keep still a moment, High Overseer Campbell.

Emily: I'm not so sure that painting looks like Campbell.

Guard: She'll see you at once.

Empress: They're sick people. Not criminals.

Spymaster: We've gone beyond that question, Your Majesty. They're...

Empress: They're my citizens. And we will save them from the plague, if we can. All of them.

Spymaster: Very well.

Empress: We will not speak of this again.

Emily: Mother! Corvo is back!

Empress: Thank you, Emily. Leave us, please.

Spymaster: As you wish, Your Majesty. Corvo! Two days early. Full of surprises! As usual.

Empress: It's a fair wind that brings you home to me. What news have you brought?

Spymaster: Follow me, Captain. You should...

Empress: I hoped that one of the other cities had dealt with this before....knew of some cure. This news is very bad. We're at the breaking point. Cowards! They're going to blockade us. They'll wait to see if the plague turns this city into a graveyard.

Emily: Are you okay, Mother? You seem sad.

Empress: Yes, don't worry, darling. Mother is fine. Wait? Where are the guards? Who sent them away?

Emily: Mother, look! What are they doing on the rooftop?

Empress: What? Emily, come here! Emily! Get behind me! Look out! Another one! Corvo, thank you. If you hadn't been here.... No more! Not again!

Emily: Mommy!

Empress: No! Get away from her! Corvo!

Emily: Mommy! Corvo!

Empress:'s all coming apart. Find...find Emily! Protect her. You're the only one who'll know what to do, won't you? Corvo...

Guard: [inaudible 8:31] Look at what he's done.

Spymaster: Yes! He's killed the Empress. What did you do with young Lady Emily, traitor? Her own body guard. Ironic. I'll see you beheaded for this, Corvo! Take him.

Campbell: This is your final chance, Corvo. Sign the confession and let me give you the rights to put your spirit at ease.

Spymaster: That's enough for now! Get out. Let's give the man some time to think. Corvo. The Empress is dead. Her daughter Emily is hidden away, and no one will ever know the truth.

Campbell: Yes, unlucky you. Tomorrow you'll be executed. But it's for a good cause. This country needs strong leadership now. Someone to guide the weak. And that's where we come in.

Spymaster: There was nothing personal in this. Even though you almost sank our plans. But it turned out well. You were in the wrong place, at the right time...and someone has to take the fall. Goodbye, Corvo. Guards! Take him back to his cell.

Guard: You should eat, Corvo. This meal comes from a friend.

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