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How to Do Rotating Stretches for Boxing Training

Learn how to do rotating stretches, including hip and ankle rotations, from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


Adam: Now we're going to work upper body, about 40 percent. All right, do some dynamic stretching. Up then, look, mimic me Delen. One arm up. Cross arms like this: one high, one low. Circles forward. Circles backwards. Clasp the hands. Wrist rotations, moving that synovial fluid around. Hip rotations, lubricate those joints. Switch. Knee rotations. This is especially good for the, bring the feet together, for the ankles. It actually increases your life span, ankle rotations. This is a Chi Quong exercise. You'll live a long life if you do this everyday. And swim, and turn your hips. Freestyle. And backstroke.

Delen: Am I going to look bad at this because I can't swim?

Adam: No, he can swim. And let's stretch the neck out. Left to right, one point at a time. Avoid circumduction in the neck, all right. It will narrow your cervical column up in your spine. One point at a time. And look fingers are important. Shake out the fingers and get light on your feet. Now you're rejuvenated, right? You're ready to go, D? All right, let's do it.

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