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How to Duck & Slip in Boxing

Learn how to duck and slip from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to work the fence counters. We're going to start with ducking and slipping. Delen's going to duck, just like so. Now sometimes just ducking isn't good enough. You have to give it a little bit of an angle. So we're going to slip here that way, or slip that way. Again, this way or that way. Now we're going to move back to the duck. He's going to duck and counter. For instructional purposes, we're going to counter with two shots after the duck. Systematically, it's going to work; Duck, right hand, then left hook. Duck, right hand, left hook. We're going to do the same when he slips to the right. Slip, right hand, left hook. Now we're going to slip to the left and he's going to take the liver shot and deliver the hook. Beautiful. Again. From the top. Duck. Right hand, left hook. Slip right. Right hand, left hook. Slip left. Liver shot. Hook punch. Beautiful. Slipping's important because it's an evasive tactic, so that you can counter immediately afterwards. And it keeps you smart and keeps you from not getting hit.

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