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How to Sidestep, Pull & Counter in Boxing

Learn how to sidestep, pull and counter from boxing coach Adam Colberg in this Howcast video.


This is how to sidestep, pull, and counterpunch.

First, we're going to step right, then step left, and then pull. Step
right, step left, pull. Step right, step left, pull. Nice! Now we're going
to add a counterpunch to those stepping movements. Step right, step left,
pull, one more time. Step right, step left, pull.

Now we're going to make a combination. We're going to add a one-two punch
onto to every defensive and then counterpunch. It works like this. In
place, one-two. Slip, right and left hook, one-two, slip, one-two, right
hand, left hook.

So now to work the left side, we have to add one more punch. One, two,
three, and then your counter. Beautiful! See that's the left and right side
with your counterpunching making an entire combination.

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